Tips & tricks

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1. Use and conservation after purchase

In its original package

Shelf stable, no refrigeration required. Best Before date indicated on package.  Even if the product has been developed to remain shelf-stable until its best before date, it is preferable to refrigerate it as soon as possible in order to maintain its original taste and texture.

After opening the original package

Refrigerate : Seal crusts well in the plastic bag supplied in package

Freeze : Wrap crusts tightly in plastic wrap or wax paper and store in plastic bag supplied in package. Then freeze.

2. For a crispier crust

To golden the crust, transfer the pizza to the top grill, set oven to broil for a few seconds.

3. For a more tender crust

For a tender crust, use a vented pizza pan or a cookie sheet

4. For best cooking results

For better cooking results, never overload your pizza with too many toppings. We recommend a maximum of 8 toppings.  When using veggies, it is always preferable to use precooked or grilled vegetables to avoid excess water resulting in a soggy pizza.

5. Ingredient/term clarification

  • Parve is a Hebrew term (pareve is the Yiddish term) that describes food without any meat or dairy ingredients. Jewish dietary laws considers pareve food to be neutral: Pareve food can be eaten with both meat and milk dishes.

5. Did you know that . . .

MIA Pizza Crust Kits were the first pizza kits to market in North America to include pouches of sauce in a shelf stable package offering a meal solution idea

and that all MIA pizza crusts and sauce . . .

  • have 0 trans fat
  • are produced in a dairy-free , peanut and nut free manufacturing plant
  • are Pareve Kosher
  • are made without MSG added
  • are low in fat
  • are made without hydrogenated oils
  • have 0 cholesterol